Chick-Inn™ EGGtastica Hen House

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  • 72.5” Long x 27.25” Wide x 48” High

  • Red Wood with Wire Sun Roof

  • Encourage laying with a cozy double nest box

  • Grab eggs while they’re still warm from outside with the quick-access, locking door

  • Protect from determined predators with eco-friendly, double-powder coated base edging that prevents digging and dry rot

  • Let them roam the run with the wood ramp, and relax inside with two roosts


Product Overview

We’re just going to lay this on you: Crafted from experience and consumer research, Chick-Inn® coop takes poultry health and happiness to new heights for the backyard bird enthusiast. With its functionality, safety and durability, this hen house with run kit is intuitively designed for chicken comfort and convenience. It has easy-access, lock-secure doors and intelligent ground protection from predators. Plus, it’s easy to clean. The asphalt roof provides shade by absorbing intense sun. We use wood and metal finishes produced with the most advanced, environmentally-friendly practices to protect them, and the planet, from toxins.


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