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What material are your kennels made of?

All of our kennels are made of 100% premium grade steel.

Where can I buy your kennels?

We have variety of retailers where you can purchase our kennels either in store or online (Home Depot, Lowes, Overstock, Wayfair, Walmart, Petco, Chewy and Costco are some of our largest retail channels).

How wide are the gaps between panels and what gauge is being used for both welded wire and chain link kennels?

⇒ For welded wire kennels, it is 8-gauge with 2 in. x 4 in. wire mesh.

⇒ For chain link kennels, it is 12-gauge with 2 in. x 2 in. wire mesh.

Do all your kennels come with covers?

We have both options. We have uptown kennels which already come with cover included and we also have bundled items with the cover inside. However, most of our kennels come with frame kit only and a cover can be purchased separately if desired.

Do you sell replacement parts, panels and/ or gates?

Yes. Please refer to the following links:

What is your warranty for the kennels?

We have 1 year limited warranty with all the kennel purchases.

I have a kennel that is starting to rust. Is there a way to fix it?

We recommend applying Naval Jelly or use Rust-Oleum paint to eliminate rusting.

How do I register my product that I recently bought on your site?

Please refer to this link for product registration:

If my dog destroys the kennel, door or the cover, would this still be covered under the warranty?

Please refer to the specifics on our warranty statement under product manual.

Where are your kennels manufactured?

All of our kennels are made in China.

What is the difference between silver and black welded wire kennels?

All the features are the same, the only difference is the color powder coated finish.

What is your toughest kennel?

Euro Pro-Style Kennels which are constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing and our most robust latching mechanism to contain the largest and most energetic dogs.

Where would I find a manual for a specific kennel?

All of our manuals and assembly instructions can be found online on each of the product pages. If there is something that’s missing, you can contact our customer support for an electronic copy.

If I have more questions, where should I call?

You can contact us at (800) 955-2879 and one of our customer reps will be happy to help to answer your questions.

Can I take out a panel and put the kennel against my house?

You can do this with welded wire kennels but not with chain link.

Are your kennels designed to be used outdoors?

Yes, absolutely. All of our kennels can be used outdoors.

Can I use this kennel in my garage/ house?

Yes, please refer to each kennel dimensions to make sure it fits within your space.

Can I put 2 kennels together to make one larger kennel?

Yes, you can do this with our welded wire and Euro-Pro style kennels.

Can the gates swing both ways?

Yes they do and it applies to all types of kennels.

How wide is the door opening for each type of the kennels?

The chain link box kennels and Uptown kennels have a 2' opening and the welded wire and Euro-Pro kennels is 3'.

What are the plastic sleeves for on my welded wire panels and why do they not come on all of them?

These are only used for shipping purposes and not needed in building the kennel.

Can I put caps on the bottom of my kennel?

We do not recommended doing this as moisture may build up and cause premature rust and also voids the warranty.

Do your kennels come assembled already?

All of our kennels require some assembly.


Why pick up dog poop?

Golden rule applies here. Big time, ‘cause we’ve all had missteps that have left us hopping around on one foot at some point in our lives. Also, poop just stinks. Particularly when it’s allowed to get in waterways. In fact, dog poop contributes to roughly 30% of pollutants and bacteria found in the nation’s water, so sacking the stink is a wonderful way to be a great neighbor and steward of our environment.

Are your bags biodegradable?

Absolutely. More than that, they are certified ASTM D6400 and EN12342 certified compostable. That means they will completely breakdown. Not only do they eliminate yet another instance of single-use plastics, they’re completely gone. While other ‘eco-friendly’ bags might break down eventually, if they aren't properly certified as compostable, they just break apart into smaller mirco plastic that cool, little critters may ingest.

Are your bags compostable?

Technically yes, the bags are compostable. But we suggest tossing the bag in the garbage. From there, the poop goes in one direction: away from you and into a protected place like a landfill. Landfills have almost no air inside them, so everything - from banana peels to poop bags - has trouble decomposing. But, that's the best place for the waste. Outside of a landfill, the bags will break down completely.

Do your bags expire?

They do, with a 12- to 18-month shelf life depending on the humidity of your region. Planning-wise, figuring on a squat per day and little more for overachieving, you’ll want roughly 40 bags per pet, per month. Better to be safe than sorry or to help out a fellow poop scooper in need.

Are they really leak proof?

Absolutely, with a durable construction you can trust. At a thickness of 17 microns, they’re thicker than comparable materials on the market—even at the seams.

They seem easier to open. Why?

Given they’re made from a vegetable based resin, there’s none of traditional plastic static cling, so you’ll find a welcomed, fast path to deployment. Speed’s the name of the game when a dog bomb drops, and our bags help you get it contained quickly.



How many different Fit-Right gates do you have available?

We have five gates in total: three galvanized gates for 4’, 5’, and 6’ tall fence gate openings, and two black powder-coated gates for 4’ and 6’ tall fence openings.

How wide are the gates?

All Fit-Right gates are adjustable to any width up to a 72” opening.

Can I use Fit-Right gates on my wood fence?

Absolutely yes.

Are there other differences between the galvanized gates and the black gates?

The black gates have square corners whereas the galvanized gates are standard bent frame design.

Can I use Fit-Right gates on both sides of the fence to create a double drive gate?

Yes, simply buy two gates and purchase a drop rod kit (UL301) so that one side can be secured to the ground.

Will the gates sag over time?

No, all Fit-Right gates have an adjustable truss to adjust for sag.

What is included with the gates?

Everything to build the gate, including frame hinge and latch. Post hinges are sold separately (wood and chain link fences use different male post hinges, either will work with Fit-Right).

What is the opening of the mesh?

2 3/8” mesh opening on fabric


Round Corner Frame Galvanized Gates

For 4’ tall openings, use CL 013619

For 5’ tall openings, use CL 013620

For 6’ tall openings, use CL 013629

1 3/8”OD 19 gauge hot dipped galvanized tubing with a clear coat protective finish

12 ½ gauge 2-3/8” diamond 

Welded Square Corner Black Gates

For 4’ tall openings, use CL 014519

For 6’ tall openings, use CL 014529

1 3/8”OD 19 gauge double powder coated tubing

12 ½ gauge 2-3/8” diamond  black vinyl coated wire


I have questions for my particular application, do you have a “ask the expert line”?

Yes, you can call (800) 955-2879 to speak to our customer service experts.

What is the difference between the 2-rail and the 3-rail Adjust-A-Gate kits?

The difference between the 2-rail and 3-rail kits is the height of the steel verticals. The 2 rail kits are 47” high typically used for 5’ & 6’ High gates and the 3 rail kits are 60” high typically used for 6’ and taller gates. The 3 rail kits offer additional 2x4 rail brackets for a 3-rail application.

What is the widest gate opening I can make with the Adjust-A-Gate?

With a single gate, you can have an opening of up to 8’. For a double drive, using 2 Adjust-A-Gate kits, you can have an opening of up to 16’

I have round steel posts. Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate kit with my posts?

Yes! However, you will need additional hardware. The Adjust-A-Gate kit comes with standard wood post corner hinges. You will need standard chain link style male post hinges to attach the Adjust-A-Gate to your round steel posts.

Can I use other types of fencing material?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate kits can be used with Wood or Composite material

If I have an opening that is less than 36”, can I cut the horizontal bars down to fit my opening?

Yes, you can cut the horizontal spreader bars to fit your opening.

Tip: spray the cut ends with any weather resistant spray paint. 

Does this gate come with hinges?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate kits come with all the hardware needed to assemble a gate, just add wood. Hardware included: Post hinges, gate hinges, 2-way latch, truss cable and screws.

Do you have a drop rod kit that allows my gate to stay open?

Yes, our model UL301 is great for both single and double drive gate applications.

Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate on a deck application?

Yes, the Adjust-A-gate kits are perfect for deck application where stairs are included, perfect for keeping pets in or off the deck and safety for children.

Can the Adjust-A-Gate open in or out depending on my application?

Yes, although Adjust-A-Gate is deigned to open in, the post hinges can be placed on the opposite side of the posts for an outward swing.

Can this gate be attached to masonry?

The gate includes hardware for wood or composite posts. Masonry hinges (not included) with a 5/8” pin will work with our gate frame hinges

What are the adjustable widths of the Adjust-A-Gate?

Our 36 series (AG36-36, AG36 & AG36-3) will fit an opening of 36”-60”. Our 60 series (AG60-36, AG60 & AG60-3) will fit openings of 60”96”

Does the gate adjust vertically?

No, Adjust-A-Gate kits adjust horizontally only. The kits come in 4 heights, 34” 45” 47” & 60”

How do I cover the gaps on each side of the gates?

We recommend overlapping the fence board on the hinge side and attaching the fence boards to the end of the vertical gate frame on the latch side. We include self-tapping screws to attach the end fence boards to the steel frame.


What is the cost of LTP vs. a 4x4 PT Wood Post?

Approximately 2-3x ($9-$12 Wood vs.  $30-$36 LTP)

What is the warranty on this product?

Limited Lifetime for Residential installations (Non-Transferrable), 20 years for Commercial installations

What sizes do you have?

Available in 6ft, 7ft, 7 ½ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft in both Black & Galvanized finishes

Can you cut the post off, like a wood post, after you set them in concrete?

Not recommended. Definitely NOT if you are planning to use the Top Rail bracket. Steel posts NEED to be set to the proper height during installation.

Is there a Top/Bottom to your Post?

No, the ends of our posts are identical. Therefore, the Top Rail bracket can be attached to either end. Suggested to install the Top Rail bracket prior to setting in concrete, so you can ensure the proper height overall.

Is the Lifetime Steel Post stronger than wood posts?

Yes, the Lifetime Steel Post can withstand hurricane force winds and is much stronger than wood posts.

Will the Lifetime Steel Post Rot, Warp, Splinter or Bend?


Can I use standard pressure treated (PT) 2x4 Rails with your Post?


Can I set my Top Rail (2x4) on top of the Posts to support the weight of the fence sections?

Yes, other steel posts do NOT have the patented feature.

Rails often fail because the screws pull out or the wood warps, how do I avoid that issue with your Post?

Two ways. First, our post will not rot or warp. Second, we have an optional ‘hurricane clip’ that gives your rails more Lateral and Vertical strength for extra piece of mind and long term performance.

The profile of your post is so slim, will it hold in the concrete securely?

Yes. Our patented hurricane clip ‘key holes’ serve as concrete anchors as they are set in concrete, along with the rail screw holes on the outer edge of the flange.

How deep do you recommend the post to be installed in the ground?

We recommend a minimum of 2ft in concrete, in ground. Your local regulations may call for something different, your contractor will know what are the local guidelines. If you are installing our posts yourself, check with a local fence company prior to purchasing your posts.

Where can I purchase either the Black Powder Coat Posts or your Galvanized Posts in the USA?

Many Fence distributors, Fence Contractors, and National Fence & Building material retailers either stock our posts, or have access to purchase our posts on your behalf. To find out inventory that's closest to you, please contact us at 800-547-5877.

Do you recommend to nail or use screws to attach the rails to your Posts, or to attach the Pickets to the Rails?

We recommend using screws for both applications. In fact, we have 500 pc tubs for sale which you can find by searching for LTP 10004 (Black Head screws) or LTP 10005 (Galv. Head screws). They are #8 and are 1.25” in length, lath style screws. 


Where can I purchase this Infinity fence?

Home Depot and Lowes are only full product line Retail website partners at this time.

What is the warranty for this product?

Limited 15 years (Non-Transferrable) 

What do I need to buy, to build my fence line?

  1. Your infill (fence panel design) choices are comprised of a mixture, that may include one or more of these components: 
    • WPC Composite Fence Boards (3 color choices)
    • Aluminum fence board
    • Lattice Style Topper
    • Acrylic Style Topper
    • Top Cap & Bottom Starter Rails
  2. You will then need to select the correct length Posts, depending on your project needs.
  3. You will need (1) Top/Bottom Rail kit per section.
  4. If you need a Gate, you will order (1) gate kit that includes all of the hardware needed for installation. You may also get the needed infill boards for your gate (check with the retail offering.)

How many colors does this fence system come in?

The Infinity Euro Fence includes 3-colors of Horizontal Composite boards Oxford Grey, King Cedar and Black rose. Additionally, we have a black aluminum horizontal board used as accent on most styles or, it can be used to complete your sections in all black aluminum boards.

How many boards does it take to fill a 6ft high fence section?

Simple answer is (14) boards, if you are only using our WPC or Aluminum boards. You will need (11) boards if you are also using one of our 2 topper options at the top of your section (Lattice or Acrylic Tops).

Do the posts come with your fence section?

No, the posts are sold separately in all listings of full sections.

What do I get when I order full sections?

When ordering full sections, you will receive the top and bottom framing and the composite and aluminum horizontal fence boards and/or toppers.

How do I select a Post size for my project?

There are two types of installation:

  1. For In ground installation (set in concrete) we recommend 2ft in ground minimum
  2. For Surface mount installation, we have 4ft & 6ft posts with mounting bases

We also have 8ft and 10ft posts for 6ft In ground & Uneven ground applications.

For Gate installations, because the materials are heavier than wood products, there are a couple of recommendations we make for Gates.

  1. Gate (hinge side) posts should ALWAYS be an in ground install
  2. Gate (hinge side) posts should utilize our HD posts that we have in both 8 & 10ft lengths

Is this fence easy to install?

As Fence materials go, yet our Infinity system is pretty simple to work with. Most important to overall success with our system is to ensure your Posts are set 72” on center and at the correct height. Once that is completed, installation is quite simple.

Can I buy the individual composite horizontal boards and accent toppers to design my own fence look?

Yes, the composite and aluminum boards and toppers can be purchased separately to design your own look.

Do you include hardware with the surface mount posts?

No, with so many surface options, we do not include any anchors. Our surface mount bases have a 3/8” hole on each corner for your anchor.

How do you install the posts?

You can install in-ground similar to a wood fence post with gravel and concrete (refer to install manual for specific depth and concrete use.)

How wide of a Gate can I build with your Gate Kit?

While gates are often built 45 inches wide, our gate kit can build a frame up to 60 inches wide (for a 62 inch opening – measurement between posts.)

How tall of a Gate can I build?

Our Gate frame comes standard 67 inches high (13 boards of infill). You are able to cut down either or both, the Horizontal and Vertical Framing to either build a narrower or shorter overall Gate.

Do I need to purchase special boards to fill my gate depending on the width I need them?

No, you will use our standard Composite Boards or Aluminum Board. Both the Composite Boards and Aluminum components can be cut to size to fit your design.

We recommend fine tooth saw blades (greater than 60 teeth per inch). Wood blade for the composite boards, Metal blade for the aluminum board and other aluminum components.

NOTEWe do NOT recommend that either the Lattice Top or Acrylic Top be modified for use in our Gate frame.

Which way does the Gate open?

As a practical matter, consider whichever SIDE OF THE POST you install your hinges on, this is the direction the Gate will SWING OPEN TOWARD.

Is your fence easy to maintain?

Other than power washing occasionally, if you have dirt directly adjacent to your fence line, there should be little to NO maintenance for this product.

For cleaning in Northern Areas (Moss), what do you use to clean?

We recommend Water ONLY for cleaning.

Will this fence ever rust?

NO, all components are Aluminum and boards are WPC Composite materials.

How high can you build the fence?

We recommend Fence heights from 4-6ft Only.


Customer Support 

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