Where can I purchase this Infinity fence?

Home Depot and Lowes are only full product line Retail website partners at this time.

What is the warranty for this product?

Limited 15 years (Non-Transferrable) 

What do I need to buy, to build my fence line?

  1. Your infill (fence panel design) choices are comprised of a mixture, that may include one or more of these components: 
    • WPC Composite Fence Boards (3 color choices)
    • Aluminum fence board
    • Lattice Style Topper
    • Acrylic Style Topper
    • Top Cap & Bottom Starter Rails
  2. You will then need to select the correct length Posts, depending on your project needs.
  3. You will need (1) Top/Bottom Rail kit per section.
  4. If you need a Gate, you will order (1) gate kit that includes all of the hardware needed for installation. You may also get the needed infill boards for your gate (check with the retail offering.)

How many boards does it take to fill a 6ft high fence section?

Simple answer is (14) boards, if you are only using our WPC or Aluminum boards. You will need (11) boards if you are also using one of our 2 topper options at the top of your section (Lattice or Acrylic Tops).

How do I select a Post size for my project?

There are two types of installation:

  1. For In ground installation (set in concrete) we recommend 2ft in ground minimum
  2. For Surface mount installation, we have 4ft & 6ft posts with mounting bases

We also have 8ft and 10ft posts for 6ft In ground & Uneven ground applications.

For Gate installations, because the materials are heavier than wood products, there are a couple of recommendations we make for Gates.

  1. Gate (hinge side) posts should ALWAYS be an in ground install
  2. Gate (hinge side) posts should utilize our HD posts that we have in both 8 & 10ft lengths

Is this fence easy to install?

As Fence materials go, yet our Infinity system is pretty simple to work with. Most important to overall success with our system is to ensure your Posts are set 72” on center and at the correct height. Once that is completed, installation is quite simple.

How wide of a Gate can I build with your Gate Kit?

While gates are often built 45 inches wide, our gate kit can build a frame up to 60 inches wide (for a 62 inch opening – measurement between posts.)

How tall of a Gate can I build?

Our Gate frame comes standard 67 inches high (13 boards of infill). You are able to cut down either or both, the Horizontal and Vertical Framing to either build a narrower or shorter overall Gate.

Do I need to purchase special boards to fill my gate depending on the width I need them?

No, you will use our standard Composite Boards or Aluminum Board. Both the Composite Boards and Aluminum components can be cut to size to fit your design.

We recommend fine tooth saw blades (greater than 60 teeth per inch). Wood blade for the composite boards, Metal blade for the aluminum board and other aluminum components.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend that either the Lattice Top or Acrylic Top be modified for use in our Gate frame.

Which way does the Gate open?

As a practical matter, consider whichever SIDE OF THE POST you install your hinges on, this is the direction the Gate will SWING OPEN TOWARD.

Is your fence easy to maintain?

Other than power washing occasionally, if you have dirt directly adjacent to your fence line, there should be little to NO maintenance for this product.

For cleaning in Northern Areas (Moss), what do you use to clean?

We recommend Water ONLY for cleaning.

Will this fence ever rust?

NO, all components are Aluminum and boards are WPC Composite materials.

How high can you build the fence?

We recommend Fence heights from 4-6ft Only.