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Lucky Dog® 2-Door Pet Crate

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ZW 11500 Series
  • MADE FOR GOING MOBILE: Lightweight wire kennel collapses flat for easy transport and simplifies carrying with a top handle
  • VERSATILE SIDE AND FRONT DOOR EASE: Secure-latching front and side doors give you options to position the crate and control entry
  • QUALITY CRAFTED DESIGN: Built with sturdy, wire construction with a rust-resistant E-coating for durability that keeps your pet safe and protected
  • EASY TO CLEAN:The leak-proof, removable pan and rubber mat that allows for easy cleaning of pet messes
  • SIZES: Available in the following options:
    • Extra Small - 16"h x 13"W x 22"L (for puppies and dogs under 25 lbs)
    • Small - 21"H x 18"W x 24"L (for puppies and dogs up to 25 lbs)
    • Medium - 24"H x 21"W x 30"L (for puppies and dogs up to 35 lbs)
    • Large - 27"H x 24"W x 36"L (for puppies and dogs up to 65 lbs)
    • Extra Large - 31"H x 28"W x 42"L (for puppies and dogs up to 85 lbs)

Lucky Dog® Crate Assembly 

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The Lucky Dog® Guide To Crate Training

In this quick guide, you will find step by step instructions and how to successfully crate train your dog.

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Product Overview

Wilson will take Door #1 today (since the bed is blocking the other door.) It’s nice to have options when you and your pooch are on the move. That’s where this versatile, lightweight 2-door crate comes in.
A with all of our Lucky Dog® products, the goal is premium quality and design. Crafted with sturdy wire that’s electro-coated and rust-resistant, this portable pooch crate comes with latching front and side doors that give you options when space, positioning, or behavior can be a challenge. Compared to bulky, heavy plastic crates, this travel-savvy design can be carried by the top handle, and collapses flat for easy transport and storage.
You’ll nail your puppy training phase with the convenient, removable leak-proof pan for easy piddling clean-up. Plus, a divider lets you adjust the space to keep your little furry one feeling secure as he grows.
Our dog products are made in a state-of-the-art factory, a global industry pioneer in environmental responsibility that produces zero emissions and wastewater through its closed-loop recycling and reclamation processes.


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