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Understanding Your Companion

  • Freedom and Security

    Your dog is a special part of your family. You want her to be safe and secure at all times. You want her to be content, happy and well adjusted. Whether your dog is small and spends most of his time inside, or is a larger variety and prefers to be outside, most experts agree that all dogs can benefit from having a place of their own. Indoors, a crate provides many benefits for both puppies and old timers. For safety and protection outside, kennels and runs are a superior option. Continue reading

  • Establishing Trust

    Trust isn’t easy to come by in the human world, but dogs are pretty easy to please and they willingly offer unconditional trust and love when they feel safe and secure. A dog can be a very loyal and loving addition to any home or family. We all want our dog to trust us and we in turn want to trust them. It’s important to begin your stewardship of dog ownership by constructing a basis of safety and security from which to establish trust with your dog. This means always looking out for the best interests of your dog. There are several ways to do this; one being the comfort of their own space within your living space, another being daily routines such as play and exercise, and finally, rules and boundaries to live by within your home and family.

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  • Friends For Life

    There are few things more adorable than puppies. They’re soft, cuddly little bundles of energy playing happily one minute and then tucked into the deepest of sleep the next. But puppyhood is short lived, and while it presents its challenges along with fun and frivolity, the many years that follow can be the rich reward of raising a loyal, loving, well-behaved pet. Knowing what to expect as your dog matures and ages will help you understand her behaviors and needs. Your pet will progress through a few different stages as she grows older. How you meet the demands of those changes will effect the well being of your dog as well as your happiness as their caregiver. Continue reading

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