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Lucky Dog® Zero Plastic™ Brand Compostable Poop Bags

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  • Non-GMO, Vegetable-based Product
  • Certified ASTM D6400 Compostable
  • Breaks down into ZERO micro plastics
  • Built strong, meaning ZERO leaks or breaks
  • 1% of all sales invested toward cleaning up the environment
  • Certified EN12342 compostable

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The Bag That Returns To The Earth™


Vegetable Based Product 


ZERO Breaks and ZERO Leaks


Leaves ZERO Harmful Residue



  • Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria to waterways
  • The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are not compostable
  • Other "eco-friendly" bags break down into micro-plastic pieces, which are then consumed by animals & humans alike.

The Ultimate Poop Bag - Frequently Asked Questions

Why pick up dog poop?

Golden rule applies here. Big time, ‘cause we’ve all had missteps that have left us hopping around on one foot at some point in our lives. Also, poop just stinks. Particularly when it’s allowed to get in waterways. In fact, dog poop contributes to roughly 30% of pollutants and bacteria found in the nation’s water, so sacking the stink is a wonderful way to be a great neighbor and steward of our environment.

Are your bags biodegradable?

Absolutely. More than that, they are certified ASTM D6400 and EN12342 certified compostable. That means they will completely breakdown. Not only do they eliminate yet another instance of single-use plastics, they’re completely gone. While other ‘eco-friendly’ bags might break down eventually, if they aren't properly certified as compostable, they just break apart into smaller mirco plastic that cool, little critters may ingest.

Are your bags compostable?

Technically yes, the bags are compostable. But we suggest tossing the bag in the garbage. From there, the poop goes in one direction: away from you and into a protected place like a landfill. Landfills have almost no air inside them, so everything - from banana peels to poop bags - has trouble decomposing. But, that's the best place for the waste. Outside of a landfill, the bags will break down completely.

Do your bags expire?

They do, with a 12- to 18-month shelf life depending on the humidity of your region. Planning-wise, figuring on a squat per day and little more for overachieving, you’ll want roughly 40 bags per pet, per month. Better to be safe than sorry or to help out a fellow poop scooper in need.

Are they really leak proof?

Absolutely, with a durable construction you can trust. At a thickness of 17 microns, they’re thicker than comparable materials on the market—even at the seams.

They seem easier to open. Why?

Given they’re made from a vegetable based resin, there’s none of traditional plastic static cling, so you’ll find a welcomed, fast path to deployment. Speed’s the name of the game when a dog bomb drops, and our bags help you get it contained quickly.

Product Overview

Our Lucky Dog Zero Plastic™ brand of poop bags help accomplish our goal of eliminating micro plastic from the environment. Their patented, non-GMO, vegetable-based resin breaks down in the environment completely, leaving no harmful residue. Certified ASTM D6400 and EN12342 certified compostable, you can be confident picking up after your pet will not only keep our water systems clean, but you'll be taking a small step toward eliminating micro plastics. Even better, we will donate 1% of sales toward environmental clean up efforts. Who knew being a good pet parent could feel so good? Oh, don't forget that pet waste itself is NOT suitable for home composting.



Customer Reviews
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    Love It

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    I got a 10 roll pack for my cat and absolutely love the product. Yes, that's right, this is for a cat and not a dog. The bag is super strong, actually smells good and the most important thing it's eco-friendly. I would definitely be buying this again.
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    Love them!

    Posted on

    Love these ???? bags! Love knowing that my dog and I are giving back to the environment and supporting local.
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