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Lucky Dog® Ultimate Compostable Poop Bags, complies with ASTM D6400 guidelines

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  • Vegetable-based compostable bags help reduce micro plastics in the environment
  • Ultimate strength eliminates messy leaks or breaks
  • Easy to open without static cling
  • 1% of sales invested in cleaning up the planet
  • Performs better than plastic and are better for the environment!


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The Bag That Returns To The Earth™


Vegetable Based Product 


ZERO Breaks and ZERO Leaks


Leaves No Harmful Residue



  • Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria to waterways
  • The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are not compostable
  • Other "eco-friendly" bags break down into micro-plastic pieces, which are then consumed by animals & humans alike.

    Frequently Asked Questions

Reducing micro-plastic pollution one bag at a time

Lucky Dog® Ultimate Compostable poop bags are made from vegetable starches that will breakdown so we recommend using them within 12 month of purchase and storing them in a dry, cool place.

Many other bags promote being friendly to the environment, but use a material known as oxo-degradable which is simply plastic with a toxic additive that leaves behind harmful residues.  This only breaks the plastic down into smaller fragments known as micro-plastics that are more easily ingested by wildlife.  Oxo-degradable materials are cheaper to produce than compostable materials, allowing companies to promote a seemingly polyethylene plastic alternative that is actually still contributing to plastic pollution and harming of the environment.

You can be confident picking up after your pet will help keep our water systems clean, plus you will be taking a small step toward reducing micro-plastics.  Even better, we will donate 1% of sales toward environmental clean-up efforts. Who knew being a good pet parent could feel so good?

Product Overview

Lucky Dog® Ultimate poop bags accomplish the goal of reducing micro plastics in the environment. Lucky Dog® Ultimate poop bags are made from a patented, non-GMO, vegetable-based resin and compostable polymers capable of being consumed by micro-organisms and supporting plant growth at the end of their life.  Approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), these bags meet the ASTM D6400 guidelines, which means they can be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities where pet waste is accepted. Pet waste itself is not suitable for home composting, but Lucky Dog® bags are!  Check with your local composting facilities for dog waste guidelines.



Customer Reviews
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    The best poop bags!

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    I’m a huge fan of these bags! I love how the transparency of the company and the bags! The bags legitimately look like they’re made from plants. I always get apprehensive of colored poop bags that claim to be eco-friendly. I hate gimmicks, and this company certainly does not mess around. I haven’t had any issues with these bags with the poops my 60 lb dog releases. I love how the bags don’t have a cardboard core inside either! Really focusing on REDUCING rather than recycling! Can’t say more about how much I love these bags! You’ve got a lifetime supporter from me!
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    Best poop bags I have ever used and trust me, with 2 huskies I have used a lot. :-) The LuckyDogs are thin and stay compact while on the roll. They tear apart well (an issue I had with other bags). They also are tough. I have never had one tear, split or otherwise expose its contents. The thin material had a silky kind of feel. Its unbelievable how thin they are. Oh, did I mention they are thin?
    I hang with a group of 4 other dogs and owners every evening and they also really like the bags. A definite "WIN" for LuckyDog.
  3. Review by

    Love It

    Posted on

    I got a 10 roll pack for my cat and absolutely love the product. Yes, that's right, this is for a cat and not a dog. The bag is super strong, actually smells good and the most important thing it's eco-friendly. I would definitely be buying this again.
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    Love them!

    Posted on

    Love these ???? bags! Love knowing that my dog and I are giving back to the environment and supporting local.
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