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Lucky Dog® Zero Plastic Poop Bags

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  • ZERO Plastic, period!
  • Made of 100% organic, plant-based materials and NO chemicals
  • Fully decomposes in 3-6 months
  • Strong, leak-proof and easy to open
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The Bag That Returns to the Earth


Lucky Dog® Poop Bags break down completely and leave no harmful residue.  


100% Organic Plant-Based Material, Chemical Free with no oils or starches. 


We've eliminated the useless and wasteful cardboard roll.

Did you know?

  • Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria to waterways
  • The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are not compostable
  • Other "eco-friendly" bags break down into micro-plastic pieces, which are then consumed by animals & humans alike.

Product Overview

It’s not your pup’s fault. Most poop bags are plastic or not really planet-friendly. We wanted a doggone honest, truly planet-friendly poop bag they could wag about. ZERO plastic, this is the only poop bag made of 100% bone-ified, organic, plant-based materials and NO chemicals. Fully decomposing 3-6 months after Nature calls, it won’t leave micro-plastic bits behind that you and Rover could end up eating. Gross! Built like a proper poop bag should be, it’s strong, leak-proof and easy to open, too, thanks to no static-causing plastic. 

Woof! You’re welcome. Poop properly!


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