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Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog® Ultimate Poop Bags | Made with Plants

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  • Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made using renewable carbon ingredients including corn
  • Ultimate strength means no breaks or leaks
  • No wasteful core
  • Easy to open without static cling
  • 1% of sales invested in cleaning up the planet
  • Available in 10, 20 or 32 rolls
  • Bag dimensions: 13''L x 9''W (0.75 gal / 2.8 L)
  • Roll dimensions: 2 1/2"L x 1 1/4"W
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Conventional Bag Alternative 



No Breaks and No Leaks



Contains Renewable Ingredients



No Harmful Additives or Polyethylene

Facts About Lucky Dog Poop BagsFacts About Lucky Dog Poop Bags



  • Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria to waterways
  • The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are made from fossil-based polyethylene plastic (i.e. oil and natural gas materials)
  • Replacing petroleum-based plastics with plastics made from renewable raw materials, such as plants, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels

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Product Overview

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are the conventional bag alternative made with plants and resin derived from renewable raw materials, mainly non-GMO cornstarch and natural plasticizers directly derived from starch (ie sorbitol and glycerol) along with compostable and biodegradable polyesters (PBAT).  The bag composition also includes benign/inert minerals that come from color pigments, chalk or talc used to control stickiness of films and to help make bags easy to open.  Lucky Dog® Poop Bags do not contain fossil-based polyethylene (PE) plastic material or harmful additives such as oxo-degradable products, EPI additives, or BPAs.  With these 100% leak-proof and extra strong bags, you’ll never have to worry about creating a mess!




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