The Jewett-Cameron Seed Company operates out of an approximately 13 acre owned facililty located adjacent to North Plains, Oregon. Activities include buying seed as a principal or an agent from growers and other seed companies for sale to distributors. The company also cleans seed for growers.

Seed harvested by growers comes in bulk to the facility for cleaning with lots individually identified and stored in bulk for processing. The processing is done on our five cleaning lines.

The cleaning process involves air-screen machines, gravity tables, length separators, velvet rolls, debearders, spirals, and magnetic machines. After processing the clean seed is packaged in 50 pound bags, which are palletized and labeled for shipment. Standards are regulated by the seed laboratory and certification department of Oregon State University.  Purity standards usually range from 98 to 99.5% pure seed, and germinations are usually 85 to 90% or better germs.

Contact Info

Jewett-Cameron Seed Company
P.O. Box 816
North Plains, OR 97133
Phone: (503) 647-2293
Fax: (503) 647-2046

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