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Lucky Dog® 54” Slyder™ Crate with Sliding Side Door

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ZW 51554-ZE0110
  • MASSIVE ROOM: With 4 ½' of space for even the biggest dogs
  • RUST RESISTANT: With a durable, double -coated Tiger Drylac® frame
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY: From sturdy, snap-on corner stabilizers
  • PEACE-OF-MIND INCLUDED: From super-secure door latches
  • QUIET OPENING AND CLOSING: From exceptionally smooth double-panel sliding doors and rails
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN: With a removable, leak-proof pan
  • INCLUDES: Divider panel that allows you to partition the crate for multiple pets
  • DIMENSIONS: 54"L×38"W×40"H

Lucky Dog® Slyder™ Crate Assembly Instructions



Featuring our quiet, buttery-smooth side slider door and rail system.


Folds flat, cleans easily with removable leak-proof pan and creates separate space options with divider panel.


Patented, easy-snap stabilizers strengthen corners and lend excellent rigidity to the walls.

Designed for Larger Breeds

We've engineered this crate with all sizes and dog breeds in mind. The 54'' crate can accommodate even larger breeds such as Great Dane, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Greyhound, Bernese Mountain, Irish Wolfhound, Leonberger (shown on the photo) and more.

How To Set Up 54'' Slyder ™Crate - Step By Step Instructions


The Biggest Slyder™ Crate You've Seen!


This massive double-door crate with securely latching doors is engineered for strength and stability, too. The sturdy, rust-resistant wire frame is coated for durability, and uses easy snap-on corner stabilizers that reinforce to prevent flimsiness and collapsing. When you’re ready to close up shop, it easily folds down flat for transport. This luxury dog crate comes with a divider panel for multiple dogs and designed to fit even larger breeds. A removable leak-proof pan makes cleaning simple and easy.



The Lucky Dog® Guide To Crate Training

In this quick guide, you will find step by step instructions and how to successfully crate train your dog.

Click HERE for more.

Product Overview

The large-breed palace and the biggest Slyder™ model in our lineup, it’s a full 54” long to comfortably give the biggest dogs room to move. Each of our Slyder™ crates feature a unique, patio-style door up front that slides from side-to-side instead of swinging out and requiring extra-space to operate. A second, traditional hinged door lives on the side. All models also feature our butter-smooth double-panel sliding doors and rails for reliable, virtually silent access. Dog (and Amy) not included. 
Our dog products are made in a state-of-the-art factory, a global industry pioneer in environmental responsibility that produces zero emissions and wastewater through its closed-loop recycling and reclamation processes.


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