"Good fences make good neighbors" - A bit about neighborhood etiquette.

Nothing says, “I respect you as an adjacent landowner,” like a fence. Really. Despite what you may have learned in Sociology 101, putting this tangible barrier in between yourself and your neighbors doesn’t make you insecure or territorial, like the beta fish of backyards. Rather, it’s a proactive way of defining your space, so that you can then make the best of it (and allowing others their space, so that they can do the same).

We call this freedom.

What about things we need to stay put? If we have kids (or grandkids), we want them to enjoy being outside when the weather is nice. Blowing bubbles, pulling weeds, looking for roly-polies, all of the activities that are the bastion of childhood, need a stage, a safe stage. Safety means boundaries, and fencing can provide the delineation that gives the kids you love a safe, superviseable area to play in.

There are some things that we’d rather not have in our yards—that’s okay! You may love dogs, you may have dogs yourself, but odds are, you don’t really want uninvited canine visitors on your property. Nor do you want your dogs to be the unwelcome guests on someone else’s lawn. Without a fence, your property can become free game to wandering critters. Having that fence means you are doing yourself and your neighbors the courtesy of keeping beloved pets where they are wanted and appreciated.

Having neighbors mean shared experiences. To an extent, though, we’d all like to be in control of what, and how much we share. Fencing gives us the element of privacy, which effectively extends our living space into the outdoors. We may love to “fire up the grill” and eat together as a family outside, but we will feel much more comfortable doing so, if we don’t feel as though we are on display. It’s not that we’re all particularly secretive, or that our neighbors are “nosy,” it’s just that we all feel more comfortable when we have our own space.

Our space is already there, we just have to claim it. One of the easiest ways is through fencing. Fencing prevents awkwardness between neighbors, by allowing each their privacy, security, and comfort. Fencing prevents the begrudging that always results from the exploits of a wandering pet. In short, a fence is the easiest way to increase your own personal enjoyment of your property, while protecting and preserving important relationships with neighbors.

Fences build peace—on both sides.