Overcoming gate sizing challenges with tips from the professionals...


      You want a professional quality gate. Should you hire a contractor, or at least a handy-man, or can you build a such a gate on your own? A professionally built gate can be expected to last for years. It won’t sag or drag over time, because it will stay square to the posts and level to the ground. It will swing squarely on its hinges for the long-term. The latch will glide easily into the strike-plate every time. And it will look terrific! With a little know-how and a few very basic tools, you don’t have to be a professional to build a gate like a pro.
      To get professional results, use professional strategies. Fortunately, when it comes to installing a gate, building like a pro also means the job is easier and more affordable than you might think. That’s because most fencing contractors use metal gate frame kits, like Adjust-A-Gate. Using systems like these saves hours of labor, but even more importantly will give you beautiful, sturdy, lasting results. These kits are available at your local home improvement store in a variety of sizes that can ultimately be adjusted to almost any size gate for between $50 and $100, depending on the size of your project. Along with the adjustable frame, these kits also include all the hardware you will need to build your gate. The only additional items required are the the lumber, composite, or vinyl and a few basic tools. No more extra trips to the hardware store, because just like a pro, you will have everything you need before you start building.
      Chances are, your gate is the final piece of a larger fencing project. Or perhaps it’s time to replace or repair an existing gate. Either way, one sure key to a strong, lasting gate are it’s posts. Because of added pressure as the gate swings or hangs and the potential of constant slamming against the latch post, gate posts must be properly installed. The size and weight of your gate will determine the necessary post size. Generally, a light to mid-weight gate will require a 4x4 post, but a wider, heavier gate may need a 4x6 post. The depth of the post will also increase stability. To securely install gate posts, one-third of the post should be buried and set in concrete. It is also essential to the life and integrity of your gate that its posts are perfectly plumb. Investing time and effort into the proper installation of posts will go a long way in ensuring the strength and stability of your gate.

      To get started, measure the width and height of your gate opening as that will determine the correct gate frame system needed for your particular job. Whether you’re building a single garden gate or a double driveway gate, you’ll find what you need.
      Once you’ve purchased the right kit and lumber, composite, or vinyl for the job, gather the rest of the equipment needed to construct your gate.


      • 1 - 9/16" wrench or adjustable end wrench
      • 1 - 5/16" wrench or adjustable end wrench
      • 1 - Phillips screwdriver
      • 1 - pair wire cutters
      • 1 - drill
      • 1 - 1/2" spade drill bit
      • 1 - Saw

      Build an Adjust-A-Gate in 5 easy steps:

      1)  Install the hinges on the hinge post and hang the hinge side of the frame on the hinges. Tighten the hinge bolts and then insert the adjustable spreader bars into the frame. The spreader bars allow the gate to adjust to the exact width you need.

      2)  Slide the latch side of the frame onto the spreader bars and measure to the desired width.

      3)  Install the horizontal gate rails. These are 2x4s cut on site to the exact measure of the gate and slide easily into the frame, giving it strength and support.

      4)  Add the remaining hardware. Adjust-A-Gate has a unique truss cable that simply hooks onto the frame with “S” hooks and can then be tightened, even years later to “square up” the frame. Screw the latch and strike-plate into position.

      5)  Install the fence boards.

      Any good fence and deck contractor could build old fashioned wood frame gates all day long, but why would he when the Adjust-A-Gate frame kit delivers a much higher quality gate and saves him hours of labor. Made of powder-coated steel, the frame will hold Its form for years and will never rust. The unique truss system makes it incredibly easy to install a perfectly square gate and also keeps the gate from sagging over time with a simple turn of the turnbuckle. Although a contractor has all the specialty tools he needs for his trade, he doesn’t need them to build a professional quality gate, and neither will you. Finally, the true test of any builder or contractor is the quality of his craftsmanship. Does it look terrific? Will it pass the test of time, weather, and use? The beauty of Adjust-A-Gate is that it very nearly puts you on a level playing field with a pro, because you too can now build a gate like a pro.