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  • Freedom and Security

    Your dog is a special part of your family. You want her to be safe and secure at all times. You want her to be content, happy and well adjusted. Whether your dog is small and spends most of his time inside, or is a larger variety and prefers to be outside, most experts agree that all dogs can benefit from having a place of their own. Indoors, a crate provides many benefits for both puppies and old timers. For safety and protection outside, kennels and runs are a superior option. Continue reading

  • Make It Fit Like A Pro


    You want a professional quality gate. Should you hire a contractor, or at least a handy-man, or can you build a such a gate on your own? A professionally built gate can be expected to last for years. It won’t sag or drag over time, because it will stay square to the posts and level to the ground. It will swing squarely on its hinges for the long-term. The latch will glide easily into the strike-plate every time. And it will look terrific! With a little know-how and a few very basic tools, you don’t have to be a professional to build a gate like a pro.

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  • Extra Clean Cross Cuts

    Getting a square, clean cross cut requires a little know-how, the right tools, and a bit of practice, but the following tips may help you get a perfect cut every time.

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