Having the stewardship and responsibility of a pet is a privilege and should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. However, the benefits of your stewardship come with obligations. Responsible pet parenthood needs to be self-governed by the dictates of your own conscience. The pets whose lives you oversee depend on your clear judgment to provide for their needs.

At Lucky Dog we are first stewards of pets ourselves, and secondly the providers of pet products. We feel the same responsibility for the pet community in which we are privileged to work. It is our duty to carefully oversee the safety and overall benefits of our products. We work hard to meet all of the formal requirements and certifications that apply to our individual product offerings. We also conduct ongoing research and development in order to improve our existing products, incorporate new methods of manufacturing, and find better ways in which these products interact with your pets.

As well as providing quality pet products, we are concerned about the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. You can rest assured that  Lucky Dog finished products meet our high standards during every stage of development and manufacturing.

If you have any concerns in which we can be of assistance, regarding any of the Lucky Dog pet products, please contact us at or