At Jewett Cameron, we are committed to stewardship. We strive to be good stewards to our customers, our suppliers, our community, as well as to our environment.  Our ZERO PLASTIC™ brand is the ultimate expression of that goal. The mission of ZERO PLASTIC™ is to eliminate micro plastics from the environment. Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags make that goal a reality.

Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags meet the highest standards of compostability, certified ASTM6400 for the USA and EN13432 for Europe. The resin we use in the bag will break down entirely, leaving no harmful residues. 

The Bag That Returns To The Earth™

True conservation also strives to use less.  Wherever possible, our Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags do not include an inner cardboard roll.

If we don’t need it, we won’t use it.


Developing Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags improves our environment in other ways as well. Did you know over 30% of ground water contamination comes from dog waste?! That’s huge! Pick up the poop! Make sure you’re using Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags.

If you are looking for an alternative to a plastic poop bag without compromising quality and function – meaning it won’t rip or tear when picking up the waste – AND want to be good to the environment, use Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags.

Alert!  Here Comes Some Science.


We also encourage people to properly dispose of their pet waste.

Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags should never be disposed of in a home composter. A big part of that is your bag now contains pet waste, which includes harmful bacteria that should not be put in your home composter.  Don’t do it!

You can check your area to find an industrial compost facility capable of properly breaking down the bag and it's contents into usable compost. 


We’d be happy if you just threw the poop in a garbage can so it can find it's way to a landfill. The poop won’t pollute the water. And the trash will go where trash should go. But, it’s not all perfect. In a landfill, garbage is stored in an anaerobic environment – meaning there is no air. It’s difficult for anything to compost in that environment – whether it’s a banana peel or a compostable bag – it’s just not going to break down fast.

If all the waste in the world found its way to landfills, we wouldn’t have so many micro plastic issues. So, we have picked a technology that when not in a landfill, will break down… and return to the earth. 



We are always keeping our eyes open for new and better solutions to eliminate micro plastics, and help preserve our environment. Lucky Dog® ZERO PLASTIC™ poop bags are just the beginning.

If you have a great idea how ZERO PLASTIC™ could make an impact, let us know! 

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